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Societies connection with technology

In this 21st century technology has begun to rule the world. America continues to have technological break throughs that overall benefits our society. People seem to be consumed by their cell phones, iPads, or apple laptops, especially the younger generation. I myself am a victim of my technology addiction. It’s just schoolwork, and entertainment online is much more convenient. Morally, I believe technology is ruining societies real view on life, that not everything can be seen through a screen. But when it comes to whether or not online or traditional textbooks should be used I believe online textbooks are more beneficial. First, they are least expensive, more convenient, and they teach our generation to follow up with technology. The movement has just begun, and it’s going to proceed whether we want it to or not. Online textbooks allow students to have access to their schoolbooks all throughout the day, without having to carry more than one book in their backpack. My high school does not have lockers, so I have to carry most of my books with me, or keep them at home. It’s inconvenient because I tend to forget my books. This situation wouldn’t happen as often if my textbooks could be offered online, because as a teenager, I’m always glued to my laptop, in which I could pull up my school textbooks any time or place without having to break my back, or make an extra trip to go and get my forgotten textbook. The reality of this is that students can’t afford traditional textbooks, and this can limit them from their educational purpose. This century is a time for change, a time where technology plays a huge role in our lives to ultimately benefit us. Online textbooks are the way to go.

blah blah blah..dont blame others,until you reflect on yourself. If your not contributing to the change of this society stfu
This a main problem for most people. Just because they are pushed to act in a certain way doesn’t mean you have to be against whatever is the opposite of that. Teenagers hate the presidential debate because they don’t seem to have the knowledge on what a huge impact it has on our generation. Understanding the way the world works is extremely important because we are the years to come, so get educated on the world around you!